5 tips bij het overwegen van een mobile workforce management tool


Organisaties met buitendienstmedewerkers richten zich steeds meer op mobile workforce management technologieën. Dit met het doel om kosten te besparen, de capaciteit van het personeel te vergroten, het afronden van taken te garanderen en een goede service aan hun klanten te leveren.

Onze partner in Noord Ierland heeft 5 belangrijke punten opgeschreven die je kan overwegen wanneer jouw organisatie een mobile workforce management tool wilt gaan inzetten. Het geeft een duidelijk overzicht in de mogelijkheden die de software kan bieden. Denk hierbij aan het plannen van werkzaamheden, het informeren van buitendienst medewerkers, het uitvoeren van analyses, het identificeren van trends en het suggereren van verbeteringen ten opzichte van gegenereerde gegevens.

Je kunt de onderstaande afbeelding ook als PDF downloaden, gewoon door hier te klikken.

workforce management software 5 tips bij het overwegen van workforce management software

1. Evaluate your business pain points:

By identifying any problems your business may have and evaluating what is required to solve them, you will be able to better manage your field service management requirements. Whether it’s wanting to gain more visibility over your field workforce, identifying trends from the data generated, reducing overall costs, or simply being able to better manage demand and expectation, knowing what your business pain points are and how you plan to solve these appropriately will be a big advantage.

Understanding the improvements you expect to achieve is essential and whether implementing them will tackle the problems you are facing. This may be one of the first questions asked by a solution vendor in order to help achieve your objectives. An example of this is to try and calculate the ROI you will achieve or what success will look like in terms of your target metrics.  Additionally, if implementing a new solution, your organisation will need to manage budget expectations and further down the line – manage change across your business.

2. Evaluate the demands and requirements of your staff:

Your field workforce is essentially one of the most important factors when considering a new field service management solution as essentially, they are the ones who will be using the software while out on the road in their day to day role. Furthermore, staff can’t deliver outstanding services if they aren’t equipped to do so, therefore when putting a project team together, involve them in the buying process to hear their feedback.

By implementing a solution which provides an intuitive, simple user experience for employees, it’ll help increase their productivity as they are able to efficiently capture information whilst at the point of service.

3. Do your research:

When thinking of a field service management solution, it’s essential to review what solution vendors have to offer such as:

  • What features are available, you could carry out a ‘must have’ feature comparison
  • Whether the solution integrates with your current software
  • What type of customer support is available?
  • How often does the software update?
  • What training is available for front line staff?
  • What is involved in the implementation and training plan process?
  • Does the solution provider and their technology reflect continuous innovation?

Having a clear picture of these in mind and in particular having features and functions in place that will greatly benefit your workforce, will significantly help.

4. Stay up to speed with new technologies and key trends

As new technologies progress, organisations need to ensure they stay ahead of the game by always considering innovative technology and the impact it can have. This will help your business evolve and keep up the pace with industry standards and trends. It’s also important to stay on pace with customer technical expertise in order to meet their requirements and stay ahead of the competition. No one wants to have the burden of dealing with legacy systems, so factors such as integration, going mobile, the introduction of IoT, AI and the role that data has to play, are all integral things to consider. Furthermore, with the introduction of new technologies and trends, it’s important to consider if your provider will continue to support these.

5. Keep the customer in mind

A vital part of delivering successful field service management is to meet and exceed customer expectations, therefore it’s imperative to keep them in mind when deciding on the most appropriate solution such as what features of the software could benefit the customer to enhance communication and streamline services.


In Nederland levert Aenova de mobile workforce management software Totalmobile. Voor vragen over implementatie in jouw organsiatie kan je altijd contact opnemen met Edo Nienkemper. Dit kan via mail of op 06 41 41 17 47.

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